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    • 2015-07-19 16:10:50 _Good News, Bad News


      Well, let's start with the bad news. As you've (hopefully) noticed, the June estimated release period for The Heart Of Woman Project has come and gone. Regrettably, as of mid July I still do not have a release date to announce. 

      That's the bad news. The good news is the explanation as to why the project is yet to be released, even though the recording/filming has been finished since the end of May. Here goes:

      Over the past six months I've developed a new relationship with a well established industry contact (who will remain unnamed) here in town. In short, this person believes in me and my music and is eager to help in any way he can. Right now, this means sending along and recommending my work to his contacts located in LA as well as in Nashville. This is a great thing. I am thrilled and hopeful. It's a process that requires time and patience, however, and in the end there are still no guarantees.

      Unreleased material is always ideal in the event that someone else would want to play a part in its success (E.g. marketing, promotion, publishing, licensing), and that's why I've had to hold onto Heart Of A Woman and the All Of Me EP longer than I planned. The timing is very convenient that I would have this material waiting and ready to go. At the same time it is unfortunate that my Kickstarter supporters have to wait longer to see the project that they (you) funded come to completion. For this I do apologize.

      Please know that I have you -- my fans, friends, and family -- in mind and have not forgotten about my end of our deal. I really can't wait to show you this stuff. As always, please stay tuned and I'll be in touch when I have more good news. 

      Best, and happy summering. Be safe out there. 


    • 2015-04-28 21:35:47 _The HEART OF A WOMAN Project


      My latest project is well underway and I'm so excited to share it with the world.

      But in order to do that... I'm asking for your help. 

      Please click the link below (or the top banner) to visit my Kickstarter page where you can watch a video I put together and read a bunch of blurbs all about where I am as an artist, what I'm doing, and why I'm asking for your help. It's worth your time, I promise.



    • 2015-03-11 16:12:08 _Positive Energy


      I played a songwriter round at the Commodore here in Nashville the other night and my guitar was acting funny (i.e. sounding terrible) during my first song. Like it does when the batteries are dying. After managing to sing "Heart Of A Woman" with some sort of wonky overdriven acoustic accompaniment, a guy comes up to the stage with a 9-volt in his hand he had pulled out of his own acoustic. And after I tell him my guitar is odd and uses double-A's, he leaves for a short while and returns with a lone AA his wife found in the bottom of her purse. "No guarantees," he whispered with a grin. I'm pretty sure it was an off-brand kind with that Japanese lettering on it, like the kind they put in new TV remotes. It was old and good for nothing, most likely, and my Taylor needs two good AAs in order to function anyway. But that's not the point. 


      Next two songs the guitar somehow fixed itself and I didn't need new batteries after all. "Don't Bail On Me" and "Better Than It Was" went off without a hitch.


      How awesome is that? My guitar sounded good, yeah. I sold a couple albums and made thirteen dollars and some change. Some people wanna write and I may have landed some vocal work. But this man's kindness made my night, the crowd got a laugh out of the story, and this charitable couple felt their kindness acknowledged.


      Moral of the story: Sometimes a thing that seems negative can turn into a positive experience for everyone in the room. (See what I did there?)


    • 2014-11-20 18:46:25 ALBUM OUT NOW_


      The official Waiting album is now available in physical format as well as digital worldwide. Follow the links below to purchase via iTunes or stream on Spotify.


      Also be sure to check out Waiting's digital booklet, available for viewing by clicking the album artwork in the "Music" section of the site. 


      Thank you for listening to my story. z



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    MusicFor your ears

    Zach Steinbach - Waiting

    Waiting (2014)

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    Zachsteinbach - American Dream

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    TCTThe Color Truth

    The Color Truth

    With the Autumn of 2006 came the meeting of Zach Steinbach and drummer Frank Babeck. The two began arranging and recording a few songs Zach had written, and quickly the dream of forming a band was born. Lead guitarist Dave Streese and bassist Dana Nielsen rounded out the positions, and rock/pop band The Color Truth was made official one year later. The quartet would go on to record and release two EPs and perform at many fine clubs and venues including Milwaukee's own Summerfest, Shank Hall, and Historic Turner Hall Ballroom. The Color Truth performed for the final time in August of 2010.

    To download Proof Of Life EP and/or the eponymous EP, please visit iTunes or CD Baby.

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